Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ear Biting

Local news is a special variety of news, often covering the more insane things that happen. Recently, in local Detroit news, a Canadian man bit off the ear of a Canton-native. Obviously, this is the sort of news story that gets attention, just because it is so crazy sounding.
What struck me about this story is how it encapsulates the fluidity of the border from Michigan to Ontario. There are people who move freely between it, and plenty of people live in one country and commute to the other for work. The article doesn't mention what kind of legal situation occurs when a Canadian bites an Americans, but the article doesn't treat him as if he's any different from say, American on American punitive biting.
There's also a part of me that found myself thinking of Van Gogh, but that's a whole other issue. And not quite the same thing, since Van Gogh was cutting off his own ear.

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